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Hi, I'm Kirsty. I'm 23 years old from Southampton, UK. I studied Forensic Biology at University and graduated in 2014. I work as a Assistant Store Manager in retail because I love it, I love people and it allows me to spend more time with my family :)

I have been with my wife, Heidi, since February 2012, married since April 2016 and have a beautiful baby boy, Woody, together born 25/07/16.

We're a very active family, we have a little Westie, Trudy, too. So we love dog walking, holidays and lots of adventure!!

I've blogged our journey through planning our baby, trying, conceiving, pregnancy and onwards in the hope of helping others fulfil their dreams as we did. Find link below. Enjoy :) and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions :)

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Life After Birth!

After Woody was cleaned up and the Doctor and extras had left, someone came in to clean up what looked like a murder scene!! They gave Heidi a bed bath and moved her across to a clean bed, even if we had a weak stomach, there was no getting away from the mess!! Heidi was still high on all the drugs, so she asked if she could wash her own 'lady area', that was so cringey to watch!! I just watched them basically have a butchers down there, and now she's scrubbing it like nothing ever happened and there's no tomorrow! I'm not usually phased by blood/gore, I'm quite good with it, but that even made me turn my back!!

Heidi and Woody had to stay in hospital overnight to be monitored in case of infection, just because Heidi's waters were completely gone for over 24hrs. I'm sure everyone on the ward knew of us, well, that's how it felt! They heard all about Heidi's very fast labour and delivery! I was quite taken back at how fast the news travelled!! But it was lovely to bump into the now new mums we met first on the induction ward! It seems no one that day had a smooth running labour!

Heidi's mum left, and that's it, we were left as 2 fully fledged mummies with a brand new beautifully gorgeous baby boy!! So what did we do....SLEEP!! But that was short lived, mum and baby were woken every 2 hours for observations and then the visiting hours started! Heidi's parents in the afternoon, my mum and sister in the evening, and then I had to go home and leave my son for the first time ever! It was horrible! I had the weirdest rush of emotions! But at the same time all I could think of was that I had been wearing he same underwear for 2 full days and I just wanted a shower and to go to bed and make tomorrow come sooner!!

People always say how hard it is to leave the house with a newborn baby, personally, from my experience, the baby isn't the problem...It's the sheer amount of visitors you get in the first week! It's crazy! I never knew we were so popular! But it was lovely! Everyone was more than willing to help us with anything we needed! And we were all very much spoilt!

Woody's always been relatively good through the night, waking around midnight, 3-4am and 6-7am. So although it was still an adjustment, it wasn't as bad as we expected, don't get us wrong, some nights have been horrendous but overall he's quite good. But feeding was worse than we ever expected! Throughout the pregnancy Heidi wanted to breastfeed. We attended BreastFeeding Babes in Princess Anne Hospital just before we left to come home, just to check the latch and get some tips. But as it turned out, Woody was tongue tied, only slightly, but Heidi was feeling some discomfort. We were told to keep an eye on it and see how it goes and to call back if it worsened.

Only a few days old, feeding was making Heidi scream in agony and Woody cry in frustration, it was awful to watch! I ran out late at night to get nipple shields and cream to see her through the night, but the next day her nipples began to crack and bleed! We rang the New Forest Birth Centre for some advice, and they were incredible! A midwife spent most the evening supporting Heidi in her breastfeeding journey! She confirmed the tongue tie and arranged to have it cut, but unfortunately, Woody also has a high palate which Heidi's nipple wasn't able to elongate enough to hit the roof of his mouth. So, we did get his tongue tie cut but for our own sanity, and to help Woody, we decided to express and feed rather than latch and exclusively breastfeed.

Woody had lost 8% of his birth weight in the first 3 days, they say anything up to 10% is okay but they don't actually hospitalise unless they lose 12%, so although it sounded bad it was safe and totally normal especially for breastfed babies. He was also very jaundice, he looked a little bit like a simpson with like luminous yellow cats eyes! Obviously he was the beautiful-est simpson cat you ever saw though!! Anyway, his jaundice levels were tested and he was totally fine! And again it's something the majority of babies his age experience.

When Heidi started expressing, they made her hand express first. How tedious was that?! Picture this....Heidi had to massage her boobs for 5-10mins before quite literally milking herself whilst I had to catch the colostrum/milk with a syringe!! Why are we such a beautiful couple, filled with such romantic moments?! We got around 0.1ml every 4 hours! Clearly not enough to give Woody a full feed! So in the morning we used an electric pump, we had a little more success with that, but still not enough for a feed.

We went home from the birth centre decided, we were going to combination feed. Heidi expresses up to every hour through the day so he can be be breastfed through the night....He's a better baby on boobie milk! He's not as sicky and he goes longer between feeds! It took some trial and error, and we're still trialling and error-ing haha! But that's part of parenting, we'll find a balance and get our own routine soon!

Feeding is a massive part of a newborns life, let's be real, they're beautiful, and amazing, and huge time wasters! But they're boring, all they do is eat, poop and sleep! So when the feeding wasn't going to plan, it's safe to say, Heidi hit baby blues!! She felt incompetent, incapable, useless, guilty....Everything that she definitely should not have been feeling yet everybody could understand why she was feeling that way, it wasn't easy to watch! And it lasted probably a good week before she felt comfortable in a new routine of combination feeding, and even now, she feels permanently attached to a pump! But I admire her willpower and perseverance, everyone has asked why hasn't she given up?! And her answer is always that she wants what's best for Woody and for as long as can give him 1 feed of breast milk a day, she will continue. And that's what being a mother is about, if you haven't got a happy mumma, you're not going to have a happy baby. So regardless of if you breast or bottle feed, it's what works for you and baby! No one else! Just be happy!

What can't be missed or forgotten though, is all the firsts. The first time he came home, his first night, the first time he met TrudyRudy, his first bath....And so many more and so much more to come! It comes and goes so fast, if you blink you'll miss it! He's so different already, he's changing everyday, it's incredible! I had to go back to work after 2 weeks and I already feel like I'm missing so much, and as hard as it is to be away from him and Heidi, I know it's what's best for our family. I want Woody to grow up knowing he had 2 hardworking parents that did anything and everything in their power to give him the best possible life they could! And that's exactly what we'll do :) Woody is now nearly 5 weeks old and trying very very hard to smile. He's a very alert and super intelligent baby! He's so strong already and I cannot wait to watch him grow and share so many more firsts. He's made us so proud already! 5 weeks nearly....He'll be moving out next week!!

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