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Hi, I'm Kirsty. I'm 23 years old from Southampton, UK. I studied Forensic Biology at University and graduated in 2014. I work as a Assistant Store Manager in retail because I love it, I love people and it allows me to spend more time with my family :)

I have been with my wife, Heidi, since February 2012, married since April 2016 and have a beautiful baby boy, Woody, together born 25/07/16.

We're a very active family, we have a little Westie, Trudy, too. So we love dog walking, holidays and lots of adventure!!

I've blogged our journey through planning our baby, trying, conceiving, pregnancy and onwards in the hope of helping others fulfil their dreams as we did. Find link below. Enjoy :) and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions :)

Sunday, 19 June 2016

A sperm donors' breakfast!

Fathers' Day has never been one I've followed, because I haven't had to! When the day comes around, I wish my Grandad a good day because he stepped in and up to be the male role model throughout my life. I never missed out on that manly figure, I had him. He's truly amazing and completely underestimated.

This Fathers' Day weekend, we went on a day trip to Poole. Heidi and I haven't spent much time together with us both being full time workers, and with pregnancy taking its toll on Heidi, she needed some loving! So we went over to Poole, had a mooch around, went on a cruise of Poole Harbour, grabbed and bite to eat and we came on home! It was Harry Paye Day Festival, so it was quite busy, lively and lots of Pirates around! They were shooting guns/cannons, which it was safe to say that Woody did NOT like one bit!! But it was lovely to take a mini break away from the hustle and bustle of real life, and spend some time with Heidi and Woody before Woody is soon served his eviction notice!

We invited our donor round in the evening to collect his payment for the donations that he forgot to take (4 cans of Guiness), and for a takeaway and catch up on life! It was lovely. It was much more relaxed this time, it's hard to explain, Heidi's pregnant now so it was more a friendship as opposed to first impressions. He's currently expecting approximately 6 other donor children over the remainder of the year. He's got some incredible work and life opportunities arising. If I had to explain our donor I would say he's a cross between Leonard and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory! He's quite literally a genius!

We learned a lot about him. In the 21st century, he doesn't own a TV! He doesn't own a TV?! His reply "The only time he watches TV is when he masturbates on the couches of lesbian couples to help produce babies" :'). Safe to say, with my prudish ways, I almost died after hearing that!! He proceeded to say how hes got this amazing MacBook thing that sounds like its from outta space, and cost that much too, but I'm sure his browser history is interesting....100% medicinal, biological and genetic of course!!

As well as having his Dad Jokes down. Our donor is truly exceptional, he takes his donor hobby really seriously! Like, us 3 together, 2 biologists alike, helped plan the science behind Heidi and I's pregnancy. But he's gone completely above and beyond just us and our plans! This is a man that eats the same breakfast Monday-Friday full of all the nutrients needed to feed his high performing semen! He eats oats with semi skimmed milk, sometimes skimmed more nutrients less fat, with a cracked egg whisked in, like scrambled egg and oats! Topped with an assortment of nuts and seeds, and some honey to sweeten it up! That contains the zinc, selenium, vitamin B12, folic acid and all the major protein/amino acid groups! He takes 2 omega 3 tablets, as well as being a fish eater and on top of that he works out, cardiovascular workouts, at work for a minimum of 30 minutes. So anyone interesting in being a sperm donor....Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!! He also doesn't drink if he knows he's donating that week!

All jokes aside, that's dedication! He went on a 25 mile walk today, while Heidi and I visited Heidi's Dad and spent the rest of the day monging out watching OITNB!! He did invite us, we politely declined!

He was also very much on my side when it came to planning the second child ;) he would happily donate sibling sperm to us. Although another baby isn't on the card, or even confirmed right now, it's lovely to know that if we did want to extend our little family, Woody will be able to have a full sibling!

So this Fathers' Day weekend has been a memorable one. It's made me realise how lucky Heidi, I and Woody are to have him in our lives. He is 1000% the best donor for us and is above and beyond anything we thought we'd be able to get. He certainly is one in a million and definitely restores faith in humanity! It's hard to take in the gift he has given Heidi and I, but we're forever thankful!

Happy Fathers' Day to Woody's Donor Daddy!!

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