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Hi, I'm Kirsty. I'm 23 years old from Southampton, UK. I studied Forensic Biology at University and graduated in 2014. I work as a Assistant Store Manager in retail because I love it, I love people and it allows me to spend more time with my family :)

I have been with my wife, Heidi, since February 2012, married since April 2016 and have a beautiful baby boy, Woody, together born 25/07/16.

We're a very active family, we have a little Westie, Trudy, too. So we love dog walking, holidays and lots of adventure!!

I've blogged our journey through planning our baby, trying, conceiving, pregnancy and onwards in the hope of helping others fulfil their dreams as we did. Find link below. Enjoy :) and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions :)

Monday, 7 March 2016

"I want a baby!"

So, after 2 years together, making many memories and buying our own little house, me and Heidi spoke about making our own family. 

Where do we start? Both being female, we lacked some vital baby making equipment! 

Heidi is 10 years older than myself, and for that reason, and the fact I have Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD), we decided it was best for her to carry.... So I booked a consultation at our local clinic, £250!! 

Heidi needed lots of testing, all of which cost a pretty penny.... Between £50-£300 a time. It's certainly not cheap! After she was tested and screened, we finally got our "catalogue" of sperm donors. It consisted of around 7 people, numbered. The information given was non-discriminating for obvious reasons, so we only had their nationality, height, weight, hair and eye colour, occupation and hobbies.... And whether or not they would donate to same sex couples. 

I think this was the point we decided this process wasn't for us. It was too clinical, way too over planned and took away the love and intimacy involved in baby making. Besides, the donor we chose was "second best". He was tall, slim and dark! Heidi is very fair and petite. I didn't want her genetics to drown because, she's beautiful! :) 

I started researching alternative ways... We thought about bigger clinics in maybe London. Or going abroad, Denmark, where their genetics are very fair and complimentary of Heidi's. But it all seemed so pricey before we even thought about buying for the baby!! 

We thought about adoption, but we really wanted our own baby first.... 

We researched for days, weeks, months! And we found very little information on alternative options. We thought we had hit a dead end and we gave it a rest.

But, after countless nights of researching hours on end. We found something. We had nothing to lose, so we thought we'd try it.... And that's where our journey truly began!

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  1. The fact that the option of "donate to same sex couples" is even a thing baffles me. 21st century and all! So excited to read more on your blog ��